AC Repair In Las Vegas

“Fixed Right or It’s FREE”

Did your AC stop working? 

According to the internet, the #1 most common repair needed to an AC is a capacitor. 

I'm Giving You the Capacitor for FREE!

Why? While other HVAC companies charge $200-400 this part only cost us about $10 and only takes 3 minutes to repair. So if your AC stops working and you think it may be the Capacitor Call Fast Affordable Air.
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  • Hard to Cool Room Specialist
  • Heat Pump Repair
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Senior Discount
We love showing our appreciation for your years of wisdom by offering a 10% discount to our hvac repair to 55+ fabulous group of distinguished persons. Just remind our tech that your part of the Fabulous 55+ crowd. 10% discount is certainly better than last year’s colonoscopy.

Military Discount PLUS
We are proud to offer a 10% discount on repairs to anyone that has served in the armed forces. We also want to support those that support the soldier. If you have a deployed daughter, son, sister or brother you too are going to get a 10% discount on AC Repair Las Vegas to your heating and air conditioning.

Free Second Opinion
Have you been quoted and expensive heating and AC Repair Las Vegas? Have you been told the only way to restore your cold air is to get an AC Repair? Better get a second Opinion. At Fast Affordable Air we are happy to give you a second opinion on any repair or replacement quote. 

Commercial Heating and Cooling Repair

Commercial heating cooling and refrigeration is not so different than residential when it comes to diagnosing the problem. The parts, on the other hand, require 2 more shelves per van. You will be glad to know that when we show up at your place of business, we can get you back in cold air in just a few minutes. Keep your customers and employees happy. Call Fast Affordable Air for your commercial AC, heat and refrigeration repair.

Central Air Conditioning Repair

For as long as I can remember, folks in the biz rarely if ever, called what we do a central air conditioner repair. To us it’s just an air conditioner repair or AC Repair Las Vegas. Since there is also window AC units and wall AC units it must be said that we repair central heating and air conditioning. Though they all work about the same as a central HVAC, they require a different set of tools and parts. Parts that we don’t typically carry on our trucks. Though there are some good reasons to fix a window unit it is more cost effective to just replace them.

Affordable AC Repair

Whether it is on an AC Repair in Las Vegas or a new heating and cooling system, our price will be the one to beat. How do you know we are the affordable ac repair guys? Well, besides “Affordable” being in our name, you should know that we do NOT hire salespeople, we don’t drive fancy vans, and we don’t have quotas for our technicians to meet. Maybe the other guys will turn their nose up at us. Maybe we aren’t going to make millions of dollars, but I can live with that.  Premium quality service at affordable prices is what we’ve done for the past decade in Las Vegas. It’s what you can look forward to in the years to come.

Heatpump Cooling and Heating Repair

Heat pumps may be the toughest system for a technician to get comfortable with diagnosing. They have a few extra parts and a few more possible problems that could leave some techs scratching their heads. That is why we spend so much more time studying, diagnosing, dismantling, and repairing these in our annual HVAC training. Each technician, new or old, must pass a rigorous test before she or he can take a service or repair call.
Installation Services

Premium quality and value pricing do not need to be exclusive. At Fast Affordable Air you get both. Just to make sure you know it; we offer the most comprehensive warranty package for your new AC installation Las Vegas.
If you think it is time to replace that old heating and cooling system, you can have it right away. In some cases, the very same day. You won’t spend a moment longer than necessary to bring comfort back to your home. 

  • "Trust Worthy, Great Communication (Angie), Helped me on price and issue"

    Robert L.

    Robert L.

    Las Vegas, NV

  • Tom is a no nonsense type of man! I found him on yelp. I'd recommend fast affordable air to anyone! Thanks guys for a stress free installation!

    Brandy H.

    Las Vegas, NV

  • Came out on a Holiday weekend and got our AC running! Fast Affordable is exactly what it was. Thanks Tim.

    Mariann T.

    Henderson, NV

  • They are awesome. I called them at 9:20 am, and before 11:00 am my AC was back up and running at an affordable price. Thanks Tim
    Joan F.

    Joan F.

    Helotes, TX

  • I spoke to Tom before I fully understood my problem and he was willing to chat, provide advice and try to help diagnose even before I pulled the trigger on any work. Its these type of businesses that don't run on scare tactics, desperation and gouging that we need more of.

    Brian G.

    Las Vegas, NV

No More R22 for Las Vegas! Now What?
Given time you will NEED to replace your heating and Air conditioning unit. But don’t be duped into believing that your working AC must be replaced. We can still get parts. Well, mostly. I say mostly because some of the parts are getting more expensive each year. 2020 has the largest increase in R22 parts we have seen from our Las Vegas suppliers, though parts are still available.

When it comes to R22,  that is out. Even if we have an old bottle lying around, we are not allowed to use it. There are a handful of alternative refrigeration that will work on an R22 systems.  Nothing near as good as R22 but it could get you through a season if you need.

If your old R22 system dies and requires and expensive repair you might want to give more weight to replacement, but it doesn’t make sense to throw away a working HVAC. 

The best advice we can give any Las Vegas homeowner is be ready. Is your AC going to last the rest of the season? If you are not sure what replacement will cost, we at AC Repair Las Vegas can give you a price range quote right over the phone good for the rest of the year. 

Free Second Opinion on any AC Repair or Installation Quote

Some companies that have hefty advertising budgets, sales commissions and fancy vans need to cover their overhead. To cover it, they quote an expensive repair or worse, tell you your air conditioner must be replaced. We realize that it means sitting inside an uncomfortable house even longer, but you need to get a second opinion. Get a quick (and Free) second opinion now. Contact Fast Affordable Air.
Fixed Right or Its Free Guaranteed
“If your AC repair does not result in cold air flowing from your ducts, you owe us nothing.” 

We hear this at least ten times a week. Some other company comes out and replaces a part, but your AC is not blowing cold when they leave. They still charge you for the repair. Now you don’t have cold air and you are out a grip of cash. Either that tech got the diagnosis wrong or he didn’t completely diagnose all the problems before he bid the job. No matter how much experience the repairman has, sometimes they get it wrong. Truth is it has happened here at Fast Affordable Air and it could happen again. So, here is my promise to you. If we diagnose a problem and bid to fix it, you only pay if that repair restores cold air to your home. 

 Unlike so many other Las Vegas AC companies, we charge for an AC repair not just the parts replacement. The difference is you only pay if your AC is working. The other guys would have you pay for a part even if it didn’t fix the problem. The reality is they most likely diagnosed the wrong part or only half the problem. This could happen with us, but the difference is we only charge for what we quoted you to begin with.
Ducless Mini-Split installation & Repair
Love those ductless mini splits. They work better than you can even imagine in Las Vegas. With up to 5 indoor air handlers connected to just one condenser you can set each room to the exact temperature you want. And because they use inverter technology, they are ultra-efficient. Though they are not as inexpensive as your central air conditioning and heating units they make up for it in comfort. With whole house 5 room set ups starting at $7500 you can’t go wrong.
When you here ductless mini split you think of a garage AC or server room cooling. Though they work great for that this is just the tip of the iceberg. These systems when installed properly can be just the ticket for an imbalanced house. Have cooling or heating right were you need it.
Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration, and AC Repair Las Vegas
  • Air conditioners
  • Heat pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Walk in coolers
  • Refrigerators

Should You Replace or Repair?

While there are some AC Companies that will tell you to replace your AC every 11 years, we take a different approach. If you give your system a workout by keeping your thermostat at 70 degrees in the summer, it is logical that your unit will not last as long as someone that keeps the thermostat at 78. Likewise, a system that has been well maintained every year will last much long than one that has been neglected.

The only real way to know if your system needs to be replaced is to have it inspected. Our Fast Affordable Air technician can check the entire system, run amperage checks and examine your coils to give you a good idea how much life is left in it. Moreover, they can tell you what repairs you will have in the near future and what those might cost.

Never replace a working AC for the sake of efficiency alone but for peace of mind. It’s just way to darn hot to be without an air conditioner here in Las Vegas. So if your AC unit is running a bit rough and you know it is on its last legs, give us a call. We will get you a brand-new system with Our Perfect Install Pledge at a price that will be the one for all other Las Vegas HVAC contractors to beat.

AC Maintenance Service
Want to get the longest life and most efficiency out of your air conditioning unit? How about lower your utility bills? Having your AC serviced and tuned each year guarantees that a small problem doesn’t turn in to an expensive repair. If you want to make sure your system isn’t going to die on the hottest day of the summer let Fast Affordable Air Tune it up.  

Avoiding an expensive AC Repair in the middle of June, July or Aug starts with a Check Up in March or April. Get your AC ready for the Hot Las Vegas summer ahead. 

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Skilled AC Repair Technicians Not a Salesman

“He told me the only way to repair my AC was to replace it.”

Let me guess after he told you the only way to fix it, he charged you $70 and was on his way. I bet he didn’t even give you a written diagnosis or estimate of what exactly was wrong. Not much value there for $70 if you ask me. Unfortunately this has become a common practice for Las Vegas HVAC repair contractors. At Fast Affordable Air we guarantee to offer you a repair solution or the service call is free. We believe every air conditioner can be repaired. That doesn’t always make it a good idea. We may give you a replacement quote along with a repair quote, but we believe that decision should be yours. Not some salesman dressed up like an AC repair man. If you have been told your Air Conditioning cannot be repaired, get a second opinion. Call us today or don’t, once again shouldn’t that be your decision as well.

Hard to Cool Room Specialist
Do you have a room in your home that doesn’t get quite as cool as the others? We can help. We have many tools and a whole lot of experience diagnosing and solving these types of problems.  If you’re struggling to make your home comfortable Fast Affordable Air can help. Give us a call today.
Complete Heating and Air Conditioning Installation.

Perfect AC Installation Pledge

No two installs are exactly alike. So, the key to a perfect AC install is to be ready. When that big box truck shows up in front of your home with your new heating and air conditioning equipment, rest assured it is stocked with the 31 tools, 43 parts and 8 materials that are needed to make your install perfect.  

No Salesmen Just HVAC Technicians
Chalk it up to my old fashion nature. I figure it only takes a salesman to sell something you don’t need or something you’re about to pay too much for. Never was that truer than buying a new air conditioner in Las Vegas. That is why when you call Fast Affordable Air, you are going to get a skilled technician ready to repair your AC. You’ll recognize them by the smudge on their shirt and sweat on their brow. They will look you square in the eye as They hold out their leathery hand to shake yours. And if he has been helping people all day, he is going to look about 2 steps nicer than an unmade bed. When you call out Fast Affordable Air, you are getting an experienced highly trained heating and cooling repairman. When you are ready to have your AC repaired or a genuine conversation about whether you need a new heating and Air conditioning for your home, give Fast Affordable Air a call. 

Yes We Can Fix That Brand of AC

We service all the major air conditioning brands. Every one of Fast Affordable Air‘s technicians are trained and tested on each brand that is sold in Las Vegas. We know what to look for on each brand. If your system is notoriously quirky and fickle in one way or another, we know just what to look for and more important, how to repair it. More than a decade of servicing and AC Repair in Las Vegas has taught us the most important and likely components we will need on our trucks. So, when that good-looking guy or gal with the sweaty brow and light blue shirt shows up at your front door you can count on them to have you back in cold air in a hurry. 

  • Carrier
  • Trane
  • Ruud
  • Goodman
  • Honeywell
  • Janitrol
  • Lennox
  • Payne
  • Amana
  • Bryant
  • Armstrong
  • Coleman
  • Rheem
  • York
  • Goettl
  • American Standard

Thermostat Replacement

If you’re handy with a screwdriver, you can probably change out your thermostat yourself. Not saying you should, but you could. But take caution. We have come behind the DIY and had to replace additional components because they miss wired or arched a wire in the process. Suddenly a $60 thermostat turns in to a $600 part replacement. If you would like us to come out and wire up your new thermostat, give us a call.
Typical thermostat install will cost $85 to $115. If you know what thermostat you have now and what thermostat you want installed, we can give you a price right over the phone and shoot straight out to take care of the job.
If you would like us to install one of our thermostats we charge $135 with 5 year warranty.
The AC Repair Technician At Your Door
We do not employ salespeople. So, the person in the light blue shirt at your door is there to fix your air conditioner. He or She is skilled in all things heating and cooling. No matter how long they have been working in the trade, they will complete at least 4 weeks of training and testing each and every year. Rest assured, if you requested and AC repair that is just what you will get. If you do need a new heating and air conditioning system you will find no one more knowledgeable in the Las Vegas Valley than a Fast Affordable Air Tech. These people spend 8 hours or more a day with their heads stuck inside heating and cooling units. They can tell you the firsthand facts about brand, warranty, and installation. 

The Phone Diagnostic and Cost Estimate.

I’m not sure why every air conditioning repair company in Las Vegas doesn’t offer a phone quote. If you know what is wrong with your AC or someone has given you a repair estimate, we will gladly tell you what we will charge to make the same repair. You don’t even need to tell us what the other guys wanted to charge you. The only pit fall to this is the assumption that your previous ac repair company got the diagnoses right. Need a phone quote for a repair or new AC install? Call us today. 
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