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What is the Most Expensive AC Part to Repair in Las Vegas?

What is the Most Expensive AC Part to Repair?

Here’s an undeniable fact: there will come a time when your air conditioning unit will need some repairs. Like most appliances, the different parts of your AC—which you may not fully understand or completely be aware of—will malfunction and cause discomfort in your once perfectly homey life.

Simply put, in the entirety of your air conditioning unit’s lifespan, a few repairs would be unavoidable. And if you aren’t so keen on immediately addressing simple issues, these may lead to bigger problems, which in turn could translate to expensive repairs.

What Is the Most Expensive Part of Your AC Unit?

It’s very common for homeowners to put off maintenance or refrain from calling repair services when the HVAC system seemingly works fine. However, when not regularly checked, these air conditioning issues may accumulate and may result in costly repairs.

By far, the most expensive part of the air conditioning unit to repair – or replace (in worse cases) – is the air compressor. The compressor is one of the most important parts of your AC unit. Its task is to compress the vaporized refrigerant and force it into the coils. For easy reference, you can imagine the compressor as the go-between between the condenser and the evaporator. Hence, if there’s a problem with the compressor, it’s obvious that it would tremendously affect the overall performance of the unit.

The compressor plays a critical part in ensuring the efficiency of the AC system. Upon the exit of the refrigerant from the unit’s evaporator, it becomes a low-pressure gas. In order for the heat that the refrigerant has absorbed to be released, it has to be at a higher temperature or higher-pressure form. It is at this juncture that the compressor comes in. The compressor packs together the molecules of the gas-based refrigerant. Doing so raises the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant. After that, it will be released through the condenser.

The compressor can do all these tasks because it has many moving parts—also part of the reason why it is expensive to troubleshoot, repair, and replace. On top of that, here are other reasons why the compressor is the most expensive AC part to repair:

  • Type of Compressor

It is worth noting that not all AC units are created equal. Some air conditioning units have single-stage compressors others have two-stage. While the two may not give a cost-worthy impression, a single-stage compressor may be $300 less to replace compared to a two-stage compressor. So, you might as well check now: what type of compressor does your AC unit have?

  • Compressor Size

Air conditioning units come in a variety of sizes. The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the unit, the more expensive the compressor repair gets. So, how big is your AC unit?

  • Compressor Brand

Of course, some compressor brands cost more than others. While branded compressors are more costly, some of these come with reasonable warranties that may be helpful when problems begin to surface.

  • Cost of Installation

Like compressor brands, the cost of HVAC repair in Las Vegas can vary from one service provider to the next. If you want a cost-effective installation, then feel free to contact Fast Affordable Air for your AC part repair. Always go with the company that provides the best expert repair services to avoid additional costs on your part.

AC Part Repair Does Not Need to Be Expensive

While AC repairs are unavoidable, you can prevent serious damage if your AC units are regularly maintained and tuned up. By doing so, the expertly-trained technicians can identify the parts that need a quick fix or replacement before bigger problems arise. If you want premium quality services, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Fast Affordable Air today for an AC repair service. Enjoy the comfort of your home and prevent costly repairs with a reliable Las Vegas HVAC repair service provider.