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AC Window Unit Replacement

Window-type air conditioners are common in Las Vegas and if you’re yet to install one in your home, they’re a choice you might want to consider. However, take note that although these cooling units come with a host of benefits, you might eventually have to look into AC window unit replacement as they’re likely to develop system problems after years of use.

AC window units generally last for 8 to 10 years, although some can last for 15 years or more if properly maintained. Throughout your AC’s service life, it’s only normal to encounter issues from time to time. Usual AC problems, like leaks and clogged filters, can be prevented by regular maintenance checks and sorted out if they’re already hampering your cooling unit from working optimally. Luckily, maintenance and repair of window ACs are considerably more affordable compared to central cooling systems. This is because they’re smaller, made of parts that aren’t hard to find, and definitely a lot cheaper.



When is It Time for AC Window Unit Replacement?

No matter how good you are with maintaining your AC, it will still reach the end of its lifespan. When that happens, it’s bound to malfunction lots of times or completely break down, and no amount of repair can put it back on track again.

Below are some signs that your air conditioner will need to be replaced soon:

  • Loud and disruptive noises – Although some units can be a little loud when running, it isn’t normal to hear clanking, banging, or gurgling noises coming from an AC, all the more if yours is one of those “quiet” or “noiseless” models. Such noises could be a sign that there are loose or worn components inside, or parts that have totally stopped working.
  • Increase in energy consumption – When your utility bill has begun to climb and a huge chunk of it is due to your AC, chances are your unit isn’t as energy-efficient as it used to be anymore. If it’s now eating more energy to provide the same level of cooling, your AC’s system is obviously not at its optimal working condition and is working harder than usual.
  • Frequent repairs –  As mentioned, it’s normal for an AC window unit to require tune-ups and repairs from time of time, but not every month. If you’ve been calling your local AC company every month (or every week) for repairs, your unit is definitely close to total breakdown as it probably already has several defective components. Besides, the cost of frequent AC repairs could be much more expensive than getting a new one installed, so you might as well just save yourself the trouble and go for AC replacement instead.

Age takes its toll on all appliances—the older your AC gets, the more prone it is to problems. Hence, when it’s nearing its 10-year mark or has already gone past it, it’s best to assume that replacement will be necessary in the near future. Moreover, in a span of 10 years, most AC manufacturers would have developed much more energy-efficient cooling units that could better serve your cooling needs, offering you a chance to upgrade your home by switching to a newer and better AC model.

When it’s time to replace your AC window unit, call Fast Affordable Air. We’re Las Vegas’s trusted heating and cooling provider, and you can count on our experienced technicians to handle AC installation, maintenance and repair, and everything in between.