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Are Air Conditioning Units Noisy?

You’ve probably come to this page because you want to answer this nagging question: are air conditioning units noisy? Like many, you would want to enjoy a relaxing night or a quiet day at home but that annoying sound coming from your AC unit has been truly bugging you.

While the sound coming from your HVAC unit may not be categorized under the loud bracket, some people are naturally sensitive to certain sounds and frequencies. And this sound coming from the AC unit can be a source of discomfort and irritation to many.

Why do Air Conditioning Units Make Sound?

Despite the efforts of the developers of modern air conditioning units to keep the sound emitted by the cooling system to be in between 25 to 55 decibels, there are just times when an extremely loud and unfamiliar noise can come from the appliance.

Energy-efficient AC units of today come in two-stage or variable speed motors that are made to produce little to no sound. Now, when you start to notice a disruptive sound coming from your air conditioner, this could suggest that there could be a moderate to severe issue in your AC unit.

Here, let us identify some of the most common noises made by air conditioning units.

  1. Banging or Rattling Noise

An aggressive banging noise coming from your AC unit may suggest that there is a problem with either the system’s compressor or condenser. For one, there could be shrubs or leaves stuck in your AC unit that caused the banging sound, especially if the unit is situated outside.

That rattling noise can also be caused by loose screws or in worst cases, this can be due to a broken compressor.

  1. Screeching or Squealing Noise

The high-pitched screeching or squealing sound of air conditioning is usually caused by a malfunctioning fan motor in the outdoor condenser unit. This shrieking noise may be caused by a broken motor or some damage to the bearings of the fan motor.

  1. Humming Noise

The humming noise heard from the insides of your air conditioning unit can be due to a defective contactor relay switch. Designed to start the outdoor condenser upon receiving the signal from the thermostat, when this starts to malfunction, you will need a licensed technician to inspect this problem. Note: Do not try to solve this on your own for this may lead to more serious problems which would entail high costs to you and your AC unit.

  1. Hissing Noise

No, no snake is living inside your AC unit. That hissing sound can be produced by a refrigerant leak caused by damage in the line. Another possible reason could be a compressor valve leak. Once you hear this noise, make sure to immediately contact your technician. Do not wait for this problem to get worse.

  1.  Clicking Noise

While it is normal to hear a clicking sound at the beginning and end of a cooling cycle, hearing it often – as if it’s not going away – is a different story. This clicking sound may be caused by an obstruction in the fan of the AC unit, the capacitor losing its charge, a loose fan, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Whatever the cause may be, note that addressing all these concerns is not easy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to immediately call a licensed HVAC service provider in Las Vegas when your air conditioning unit starts to make this noise.

By nature, air conditioning units do make noise. But when the noise emitted is no longer similar to how it used to, make it a habit to contact Fast Affordable Air in Las Vegas. We are not only giving to provide you with licensed technicians, but we also make sure that they are very much experienced in the field and can provide all HVAC services needed, including AC repair, maintenance, and installation. Contact us now for a free new AC estimate. We also provide free second opinions!