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Dirty coils are an AC killer

If you have ever wondered why your air conditioning repair man constantly harps on you about changing your air filters regularly you’re about to find out.
 Much of the time when we service an air conditioning system for a customer we find that they are fairly regimented about replacing their filters. Most people know to replace their filters at least once a month during the hot summer season and once or twice during the winter. This seems to work fine for homes in Las Vegas. But when you don’t follow this regiment you will find yourself with a coil that cannot be cleaned.

“The junk that sticks to the AC coil is pretty nasty stuff”

When a coil is allowed to build up dust lent dirt pet dander pet hair and skin without cleaning it will eventually pull this debris deeper inside the fence of the coil. If left alone within a couple of Seasons it will be in bed it’s so deep that there is no way to clean the coil. We see this all the time. More often we see this in rental properties. This very fact is why many air conditioners will fail.

What are The Tell-Tale signs of dirty coils?

  1. During the hottest part of the summer, the air conditioner will run Non-Stop.
  2. ​​Reduced ​airflow coming through the registers.
  3. The icing of the coil especially on humid days. ​This will reduce airflow from the ducts.
  4. There is a musty odder coming from the vents.
  5. The presence of dust bunnies at the corners of the supply registers.

What the Landlords need to know about Air conditioning maintenance.

In my limited experience, I find that tenants like to keep the property at about 72 degrees. Some even colder. This drives the utility cost way up. In some cases as much as $100 additional each month for a single condominium. Compound this low thermostat setting with bad airflow caused by a stopped up the coil and you have a recipe for an air conditioner that will never shut off day or night and will never work as well as the tenant prefers.

If you are a landlord or property owner that leases your home or condominium in Las Vegas Henderson of North Las Vegas it is a good idea to check to ensure that the air filters are changed several times a year. At least three or four times is the minimum that you can get away with. If you are not able to keep up with this yourself, do yourself a favor and get a filter service company on the job.

“The air conditioning life you save may be your own”