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Ductless Mini Split AC Services in Las Vegas

Las Vegas homeowners are gradually switching to ductless mini split air conditioners nowadays, and that comes as a little surprise. There are several good reasons to have such an AC type to cool your home in the long run, all of which prompt people to look into expert ductless mini split AC services in Las Vegas.

If you aren’t sure yet if the ductless variety of mini split AC is best for you, below are the top advantages that come with it, as well as the common issues that you might face down the line if you decide to own one.

3 Advantages of Ductless Mini Split AC

  1. Ease of Installation – One of the biggest problems homeowners have with the usual split air conditioners is the air ducts. If your home doesn’t have provision for the installation of split-type ACs, chances are a huge hole has to be bored in one of the walls for the air ducts to pass through.This results in, most of the time, ruining a home’s otherwise perfect living room or having unsightly ducts running along where you wouldn’t want them.

    Now, you won’t have to deal with such a mess with ductless mini splits since they don’t have air ducts. You’ll only have to make a 3-inch hole for the conduit, which is way smaller than what’s needed for larger duct systems.

  2. Flexibility – These days, it’s easy to find longer conduit lengths, which means some flexibility on where you can install a ductless mini split. With longer connecting conduits, you can have it set up away from where visitors can see it or in a spot that doesn’t ruin your home’s aesthetic appeal.
  3. Better Energy Savings – Compared to ductless mini splits, duct systems are much less energy efficient particularly when running through attics that have no climate control. Such an AC system consumes energy to cool rooms that don’t need cooling, such as vacant guest rooms.

    With mini split systems, you have the option to minimize climate controls for unused rooms, thereby reducing energy consumption. You can even have multiple units installed in your home, each with its own thermostat to make it easier to handle temperature changes in specific areas.

Problems with Ductless Mini Split AC

As great as they are, ductless mini split ACs aren’t perfect. Just like other cooling systems, they can also malfunction and require repairs after some time, more so if not maintained properly.

The good news though is that most of their issues can be easily fixed. For example, one of the most common problems reported by homeowners is that their mini split AC isn’t giving enough cooling. Inadequate temperatures are often caused by a broken fan motor or a faulty compressor. Both need to be checked and repaired immediately to bring your indoor air temperature back to normal. However, this temperature issue isn’t unique to ductless mini split ACs; you’re bound to encounter it no matter the type or brand of air conditioner you have in your home.

Overall, ductless mini split ACs are still the most energy-efficient and flexible way of cooling a home.

If you’d like to have a ductless mini split AC installed or your existing one to be checked and repaired, don’t hesitate to call Fast Affordable Air! From installation and maintenance to repairs both big and small, we have been Las Vegas’s trusted AC services provider for decades.