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10 Year Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Warranty

We are already known for offering better than average prices on air conditioning repair. So it’s no surprise to us when people say that the cost to fix the air conditioner was much lower than what they had been quoted by another company. Today we offer an unprecedented conditional 10 year warranty on all repairs. That’s right. For our Absolute Comfort Members, we warranty the part and labor will continue to work for at least 10 years.

Nonmembers will receive 90 days warranty on all repairs. Absolute Comfort Members in good standings that have their AC and heat serviced twice annually will enjoy worry-free repairs for the next 10 years.

What a 10 year warranty for air conditioner and heater repairs is worthto you?

Nothing bothers me more than paying twice for something. I bet you feel the same. When it comes to an AC repair why should you? With us you

don’t have to. If our parts fail any time in the next 10 years after we install it we will fix it for free. This is our guarantee that is exclusively for our Absolute Comfort Service Agreement Members.

Why we are able to offer a 10 Year Warranty on Repairs?

  • We only use premium parts
  • We install each part perfectly
  • We test the part once installed
  • We fully diagnose the problems you have with your AC and look for signs of future issues.
  • Included with your ACM is 2 services annually. We will seal the ducts at the unit, replace missing fasteners, replace poor functioning wire connections and lubricate moving parts. These 4 items alone are proven to increase the life of your AC.

We have done the math. It is clear that systems that receive regular maintenance last more than twice as long. In some cases, we have identified a quick, easy and free repair that saved the cost of a future $2000 repair. Not to mention those times where the heat or AC could have been a health and safety nightmare.

When you have FAST Affordable Air handle an air conditioner repair you can bank on it lasting. If it doesn’t and you are stuck in a hot house for more than 24 hours we are going to advise you get a hotel for the night and we will pick up the tab. Nothing to fancy mind you. We have got $100 set aside for you if it’s needed.

Buy with confidence. Ask your Fast Affordable Air Service Technician for more details and benefits of the Absolute Comfort Membership. Call 702-903-3278