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Immediate Urgent Service

Affordable AC Repair

Whether it is on an AC Repair in Las Vegas or a new heating and cooling system, our price will be the one to beat. How do you know we are the affordable ac repair guys? Well, besides “Affordable” being in our name, you should know that we do NOT hire salespeople, we don’t drive fancy vans, and we don’t have quotas for our technicians to meet. Maybe the other guys will turn their nose up at us. Maybe we aren’t going to make millions of dollars, but I can live with that. Premium quality service at affordable prices is what we’ve done for the past decade in Las Vegas. It’s what you can look forward to in the years to come.

Heatpump Cooling and Heating Repair

Heat pumps may be the toughest system for a technician to get comfortable with diagnosing. They have a few extra parts and a few more possible problems that could leave some techs scratching their heads. That is why we spend so much more time studying, diagnosing, dismantling, and repairing these in our annual HVAC training. Each technician, new or old, must pass a rigorous test before she or he can take a service or repair call.

Installation Services

Premium quality and value pricing do not need to be exclusive. At Fast Affordable Air you get both. Just to make sure you know it; we offer the most comprehensive warranty package for your new AC installation Las Vegas.

If you think it is time to replace that old heating and cooling system, you can have it right away. In some cases, the very same day. You won’t spend a moment longer than necessary to bring comfort back to your home.