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The Leading Cause of AC Repairs in Las Vegas

There are multiple things that and create problems for your air conditioner. Many of those are unavoidable. But there is one typical problem that creates more repairs than any other singular issue. That problem is high of static pressure.

Static pressure is the measurement of resistance between air going into your air handler and air coming out other side of the coil. A manometer measures in Water Column how much resistance flow there is. A properly working system should be under 1 WC. Most manufacturers, especially on the newer equipment require even lower static pressure at closer to .8 WC. Systems that do not adhere to the recommended water column of resistance fail. Sometimes this happens within a few weeks. Other times it can take as much as four years.

Static pressure creates a host of problems both with air conditioning and heating. Poor static pressure can be responsible for causing a coil to ice over. It will also push your power bill up. As for heating, not having enough air across the heat exchanger will trigger a limit switch or cause a furnace to overheat.


One of the most overlooked problems that we are finding is in the way that the ductwork for the return air is connected to the air handler. In many cases we are finding that those units that have air coming in this side of the air handler tend to be more problematic. We believe this is because air is only able to enter in one side of the blower wheel housing. This type of setup is relatively common in furnaces installed by builders in Las Vegas. We see it in systems that are installed in the garage as well as attics. The solution may be as simple as moving it to the base to allow even air flow to both sides of the blower wheel housing sometimes there’s just not enough room. A smart heating and air conditioning install company that specializes in retrofit needs to get creative with solving high static pressure problems.

Despite our recommending the replacement of filters each month many people fail to do so. For some this is not going to be a noticeable problem. Others that already have a high static pressure system, will recognize air conditioning problems much sooner. A clogged air filter causes your system to run using more watts. The more watts it uses the higher your power bill will be.

New heating and air conditioning equipment seems to be more susceptible to static pressure problems. Manufacturers are very aware of this and have worked diligently to solve the problem. In recent years they’ve gone to the x13 motor. This motor is a constant torque motor that compensates for a less than perfect install situations. That said, it is certainly not a substitution for proper installation.

One of the telltale signs of bad static pressure is poor airflow to certain rooms or sections of your home. In many cases we find that we can fix this problem by fixing the static pressure. That may involve cleaning the coil and retooling some of the ductwork. It may also involve changes to the return air and filters set up.

Much of the time customers never even realize how good their air conditioner and ductwork could have been until they purchase a new air conditioner and have it installed by a professional who stands static pressure.  If you believe you have a problem with airflow you would be well served to have your heating and air conditioning checked out by it professionals at Fast Affordable Air.  Wise customers they have their systems inspected typically spend less money on repairs.