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Why HVAC Tune-Up is Important?

An HVAC system is a blessing especially in places like Las Vegas where day temperature can easily climb over 100°F in summer and dip only to 80°F at night. However, HVACs aren’t failproof no matter how expensive they are, so it helps to understand why HVAC tune-up is important and how neglecting it can have disastrous effects.

Besides, no one would probably want to deal with a failing HVAC in the middle of the night in winter or in summer when it’s hot enough outside to fry an egg. Plus, HVAC repairs can easily take a chunk out of your monthly budget, depending on how serious it is.

To avoid both the inconvenience and pricey repairs, consider scheduling an HVAC tune-up twice a year. Here’s more explanation on how such tune-ups can benefit you in the long run.

3 Reasons Why HVAC Tune-Up is Important

Prevents sudden system breakdowns

Worn AC parts or dirt buildup in your HVAC unit could lead to serious system issues if left unaddressed. These small things are often what causes a diminished performance or a total stop of an HVAC’s heating and cooling functions, and they’re what HVAC maintenance providers look for during tune-ups.

Scheduling a tune-up twice a year can prevent your HVAC unit from failing unexpectedly. When it’s the middle of summer in Las Vegas and it feels like hell outside, you need your HVAC system to be in perfect shape and tune-ups can help ensure that. An HVAC that malfunctions just when you need it the most means tons of inconvenience, not to mention expensive repair costs since you’ll probably sign it up for urgent service which costs a little more than a scheduled HVAC repair.

Keeps HVAC repair costs down

One common mistake of HVAC owners is skipping tune-ups thinking that they are an unnecessary expense because their system is “still working,” even when they already feel like something is up. Then, after some time, their HVAC just stops running and they have to deal with hefty repair costs.

Remember that the bigger the problem, the higher the cost of repair and HVAC systems are already expensive installations to begin with. So, it’s best to solve issues while they are small. An HVAC expert can catch minor issues here and there while doing a tune-up and address them right away, thus helping you avoid spending a fortune on major HVAC repairs.

Lowers your utility bills

A poorly maintained HVAC uses more energy to produce the same amount of cooling or heating than a well-maintained one. Neglecting HVAC maintenance actually reduces efficiency by 5% each year, so that means increased energy consumption on a daily basis.

Tune-ups can help ensure your HVAC unit stays in great shape and prevent any efficiency loss. Keeping essential parts lubricated and eliminating built-up dirt keep your HVAC unit working in optimum condition and consuming only the minimum energy needed for daily operation.

HVAC systems are complicated installations, so it’s best to leave their tune-ups with the professionals. Feel free to call or message us here at Fast Affordable Air for speedy and expert HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation. Our team has been serving homes, offices, and commercial establishments in Las Vegas for years and you can count on us to assist you no matter the brand of HVAC or AC you have.