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Will Air Conditioning Spread COVID? Here’s What Experts Say

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live. Now, more than ever, people have become even more conscious of their health and well-being. That’s why when it was found out that the spread of the virus occurs via airborne particles, a lot of questions were raised relating to safety, including: “Will air conditioning spread COVID?”

The debate over this case began in the early-release letter in the journal published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The early research in 2020 raised concerns as nine people in Wuhan, China were infected by the virus by simply sitting near an air-conditioned restaurant. According to the research, the COVID-19 virus was spread by one asymptomatic diner who sat at a table located very near to the AC unit. This was said to cause the four other people at the table to test positive, and so did the other five at the neighboring tables.

In February of 2021, another study was published that explored further the potential risks of exposure to COVID-19, particularly in public places like restaurants. Through simulations of COVID-19 exposure, the data gathered suggests that there is a strong link between exposure to the virus and airflow patterns. In particular, the study examined ventilation systems and air conditioning. Because AC units are designed to recycle air, this then provides additional challenges and exposure to COVID-19 particles.

Should You Ditch Your Air Conditioning System?

With weather conditions beginning to turn warmer, many people are starting to worry about how they will keep themselves and their families safe in the comforts of their homes with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In case you have the same sentiment, here is some helpful information that you have to take note of:

  •  The AC unit in your home is far less risky than the AC units in crowded public spaces.

To limit the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, experts highly suggest that you stay at home, especially if there is no important business that you have to do outside. Being indoors and running your air conditioning at home should be a big problem as you are with the same group of people that you’ve been in constant exposure to.

  •  Adding ventilation to your home can help minimize the risks of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Considering how the COVID-19 virus spreads, it may be helpful to consider opening your windows from time to time. According to experts, it’s not ideal to totally ditch your air conditioning units as other health risks may arise from the extreme heat experienced, particularly in the months of summer, like heat stroke and many other heat-related illnesses.

As per the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), opening windows or doors on opposite sides of the room creates a cross breeze—thereby making the house feel more comfortable as this helps pull away hot air. If the weather outside is extremely hot or cold, leave your windows open for just a few minutes to let in the fresh air.

  •  Ensure the quality of your indoor air by upgrading your AC filter.

Not only that air conditioning units can reduce your home’s humidity, but by upgrading the filters in your AC systems, you can also screen out pollutants, dust, and particulates to ensure the quality of your indoor air. If you have older people, children, or those with respiratory concerns at home, this is said to have a greatly positive impact on their health.

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