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A HVAC Maintenance Checklist to Help You Prepare for Winter in Vegas

Thought living in Las Vegas would spare you the hassle of winter weather preparation? Odds are, you’re not the only one.

Despite what many Vegas residents may think, even with much milder winters, Las Vegas still experiences colder weather. That means it’s essential to have proper HVAC maintenance before things cool off.

Regular maintenance may not solve all of your AC repair problems. Some brands are just not built to hold up to the Las Vegas weather. But if you are willing to keep them serviced you can greatly reduce the risk of major repair or replacement.

Don’t worry, with our simple HVAC maintenance checklist, you can get winter weather preparation out of the way fast and sit back and enjoy the lovely Vegas winter temps.

Your HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Before you get started on an HVAC maintenance checklist, give your system a test. Try turning on your heater and make sure warm air is flowing properly from every vent.

You don’t want to wait until the cold weather arrives to realize that your system isn’t working.

1. Get your HVAC System Inspected and Serviced

This step is especially important to do before Jack Frost’s arrival if you tested your HVAC system and found issues with it. The key to this step is hiring a licensed professional to take a look and make sure there are not problems with your system.

A licensed professional can also perform a routine service to make sure all parts and aspects of your heating unit are in good condition so you don’t have a more expensive repair needed later on.

Unfortunately, you may have had the experience where an HVAC repair person gave you a rather high estimate for a repair or part. If you have any doubt about the necessity or expense of the repair they claim you need, it’s wise to seek a free second opinion before cracking open your wallet.

2. Check the Filters

If you decide to do a little more investigating on your own before calling a professional, you can start by inspecting your heater filter.

Your furnace won’t be able to function properly if it can’t “breathe.”

If your furnace hasn’t been serviced in a while (which is recommended to do regularly), or inspected, one very common issue is to have a saturated filter. Ew. For best results from your HVAC system, it’s recommended to clean and change your filters every month.

The easiest way to check if your filter is fresh, clean, and ready for proper use, is to remove it and hold it up to the light. If you cannot see through the filter, it’s time to clean it or buy a new one.

If you haven’t already, go buy a pleated, high-efficiency filter. These are much more effective and can even grab the tiny particles with an electrostatic charge that cause bacteria.

However, be aware to never turn on your furnace while a filter is not in place.

3. Clear Space

Another common mistake homeowners make when it comes to furnaces is stacking storage bins or boxes close around. Sometimes your furnace is in a location inside or outside the home where this might seem like a natural thing to do.

Resist the temptation.

Stacking boxes or anything else around a furnace can be a major fire hazard or at best, inhibit your furnace from functioning properly.

If you have to place something nearby, give at least 2 feet of space between the item and your HVAC system.

If you can’t remember the last time you checked out where your furnace is located, or whether there is anything in close proximity to it, it’s definitely wise to take a look before the cold weather prompts you to turn it on.

4. Use a Humidifier

Especially in Nevada, where the climate is already deadly dry, winters can be brutal. Having your heat running without a humidifier in your home can do even more damage to your health and comfort.

Before you start running your furnace this winter, if you don’t already own one, purchase and install a quality humidifier.

A humidifier will help ensure warmth in the home as well as keep you healthy and comfortable during the especially dry winter months. Not only this, but a good humidifier will also protect any woodwork you have in your home.

During the summer months, shut off the water to your furnace humidifier.

When you’re ready to turn on the heat in your home, be sure to replace the wick filter in the humidifier and set it somewhere between 35-40% humidity. Then, turn on the water supply.

Luckily, most professionals are able to check the operation of your humidifier when they come, in addition to servicing and inspecting your HVAC system.

Kill two birds with one stone and enjoy a more comfortable holiday season by having them do both.

5. Clear Debris

When you’re out doing yard work, especially in the fall, it can be tempting to finish mowing your lawn or blowing leaves and leave it at that.

However, in preparation for winter and to prolong the life of your HVAC system, be sure to check that there are no leaves, grass, twigs, or any other kind of debris stuck to your units before calling it good.

6. Check for Clogs

At least annually, it’s wise to take a look down your air conditioner condensate drain to make sure there is no mold or algae growth.

Such growth can cause clogs, and while some folks may come up with their own home remedies for clearing such growth, be wary of putting anything down the drain without professional help.

More Tips

This HVAC maintenance checklist should provide you with a great, basic, start for preparing your system for the lovely Las Vegas winter weather.

A few other simple tips to try include:

  • Check that your AC unit and furnace are on level ground. Especially outdoor units that may be subject to ground weathering.
  • Once a month, take a look at your insulation and refrigerant lines. If they are damaged, replace them.
  • Don’t put added strain on your HVAC system by closing any more than 20 percent of your home’s registers.

Your Best Defense

In a city where temperatures get hot extreme quickly, having a trusted professional for all things HVAC related is vital.

Luckily, we offer a 24-hour emergency service and repair so you can get back to comfort ASAP.