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Are Air Conditioning Units Expensive to Run?

It’s truly quite tempting to have your air conditioning units running the whole night or all through the day to keep you cool and comfortable. But surely, you know that you’d be sweating upon looking at your bill. Or would you? Are air conditioning units expensive to run? Does the air conditioner consume a lot of electricity?

Back in the day, air conditioners were once considered a luxury that only the rich could afford. However, with the advancements in technology, installation and running costs have become more affordable for many, making homes today a more comfortable place to live in, especially during summer months.

How Much Will It Cost to Run an Air Conditioning Unit?

Getting the most accurate number on how much it will cost to run an air conditioning unit is quite difficult and almost impossible to give. This is because there are several factors that need to be looked into – like the size of the air conditioning unit, size of the room that needs to be cooled, and hours needed for the AC unit to be used – that can make a big difference in the energy consumption of your AC unit.

But to give you a rough idea, here’s a table that shows the typical hourly costs per unit size:

AC Unit Output Cost to Run per Hour
2kW 7p
2.5kW 8 – 10p
3.5kW 10 – 14p
5kW 16 – 20p
7kW 23p
10kW 38p

Factors that Affect How Expensive AC Units Run

Before you get all anxious about the amount of energy that your air conditioning unit will consume, note that there are several factors needed to look into to know the cost of running your air conditioner. This includes:

  • Type of Airconditioning Unit

How efficient is your air conditioning unit in making your room cool? Did you know that the more efficient your AC unit is in terms of the climate control system, the cheaper it is to run? One common mistake shared by many is that they opt for the less efficient option because it’s cheaper, not knowing that it may be more expensive to run.

Note that there are three main types of air conditioning systems: portable, central, and split or multi-split air conditioning. All three have their pros and cons. Feel free to read them here.

  • Electricity rates

Another aspect to look into when identifying the running cost of your air conditioning unit is the electricity rate. Changes in prices in Las Vegas may be affected by electricity demand, the availability of energy sources, and fuel costs. The geographical location of the state also matters, as does the availability of power plants. With the surge in demand during summer, it is expected that electricity may become more expensive because the generation source needs to meet the demand of the residents and establishments.

  • Maintenance and Servicing

In case you don’t know, having a reliable HVAC service provider in Las Vegas, like Fast Affordable Air, greatly makes a difference in your running costs. Early detection of problems that your AC unit encounters saves you from additional expenses – or worse, totally replacing your unit. By having experts in the field check your HVAC system, you can keep your unit running at high efficiency and keep your electricity bills as low as possible. Save yourself the hassle and have your air conditioning unit serviced at least once a year.

Yes, it’s tricky to exactly know how expensive your air conditioning units run, but knowing how to cut the cost and save energy greatly helps. Reduce your bill by making sure that your AC units are installed correctly, choose air conditioning units that have the Energy Star, and have them regularly maintained and serviced. Contact Fast Affordable Air for your AC needs now!