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In this unprecedented time, Heater Repair Henderson are still here to help. Safety is our #1 priority.  We will take every advised precaution and more to protect our customers and employees. If you need an air conditioning repair, new air conditioning installation or annual maintenance, Fast Affordable Air is here to help.  Have you lost your Job? We Want to Help. 

Senior Discount

To all of our 55+ customers, we offer a 10% discount. Just remind our tech that your part of the 55+ crowd. 10% discount is certainly better than last year’s prescription costs.

Military Discount PLUS

We also offer a 10% discount to all active duty soldiers and their families. As well as retired service men and women. We thank you for your service to this country. If you are a family member to a diploid solder we will extend the discount to you as well. 

Free Second Opinion

There is value in getting a 2nd opinion. Are you paying more than you should? Did the 1st technician diagnose the problem correctly and in its entirety? Without getting a 2nd opinion, you may never know the answer to these questions. Call Heater Repair Henderson today for your free 2nd opinion. We know this is Henderson, but do you really want to gamble with your AC system.

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Heating Repair

Fast Affordable air can come today and fix your heating faster than the Santa Anna winds that flow through Henderson NV. 

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AC Repair

When “It’s getting hot in here” is not just the name of a song. You can rely on Fast Affordable Air to be there in a hurry. We offer same day service. Getting your home cooling is our #1 priority.


Air Conditioning Installation

When your current HVAC system is shot and needs to be replaced. Fast Affordable Air offers premium equipment with our perfect install customer pledge. The estimate is free too.

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Commercial AC Repair

The bottom line, you cannot do business when your AC is not working. Customer’s will not come into your place of business if it is hot and your employees will not provide the best customer service if they are too hot either. Let Fast Affordable Air’s commercial division have you, your employees and customers feeling the cool breeze right away. Call now

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AC Maintenance

The best running HVAC systems are the ones that are maintained. Keeping your system running perfectly is what we do best at Fast Affordable Air. Our 41-point check will identify problems and potential problems before your AC stops working or drives your power bill past the high limits table. It is always better to be prepared. 

Furnace Installation

Is the furnace on your house on its last leg? You might be surprised at how affordable a new furnace install really cost. Replace that old furnace with a safe new Rheem furnace with all the bells and whistles at a price you can afford.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Repair

Commercial Heating, cooling and refrigeration is not all that different, just a few additional moving parts really. But these moving parts can be the difference between a wrong diagnosis and a right diagnosis. Call on a company that is prepared for what can go wrong on a commercial unit. Call on Fast Affordable Air for your commercial AC, heat and refrigeration repair. Guarantee we have you covered.

Central Air Conditioning Repair

We here at Fast Affordable Air are equipped to repair or replace central heating and Air Conditioning systems. We do not work on Window or wall air conditioning units. The parts and labor usually cost more than it would cost to just replace them out right. You could always switch that window unit for a Ductless Mini Split, sure they cost more but they take care of heating as well and are much more energy efficient. For more information contact Fast Affordable Air and ask for an appointment with Tom directly for a free consultation and estimate.

Affordable AC Repair

We are the affordable option for Heater Repair Henderson and AC repair as well as HVAC replacement. We are a small family owned company that pursues premium quality service at affordable prices and have been doing so for the past decade in Henderson. It’s what you can look forward to in the years to come.

Heatpump Cooling and Heating Repair

Did you know that 50% of the “Technicians” in Henderson do not know how to diagnose problems with a Heat pump system? That is why each of our technicians endure extensive training about Heat pumps. They are a different breed and our technicians specialize in repairing them.

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Installation Services

Fast Affordable Air installation division goes through the same 4-week recertification course as our technicians only that 4 weeks is spent strictly on installation. We go into how to install as well as how to inspect each unit prior to installation and of course the tools and materials needed to complete the install accurately, efficiently and quickly. No need to be in the Henderson heat any longer than is necessary.
When the time comes for you to replace your Heating and AC System, you will not be disappointed in our service or our warranty. We have the most comprehensive warranty package in all of Henderson.

If you think it is time to replace that old heating and cooling system, you can have it right away. In some cases, the very same day. You won’t spend a moment longer than necessary to bring comfort back to your home.


Henderson bids farewell to R22. What does that mean to you?

You will NEED to replace your Heating and Air Conditioning unit at some point. But don’t be Bamboozled into believing that your working AC must be replaced right this minute. We can still get parts. They may not be as cheap as they once were, but our Henderson suppliers are still selling parts at this time.

Straight to the point, we can longer under any circumstances install R22 refrigerant into your AC Unit. Even if we had some lying in the warehouse, we still could not put it into your AC Unit. The good news, there are a few synthetic refrigerants available still that can be installed. The bad news, these synthetic refrigerants are not as efficient as the R22 itself but will work ok in a pinch to get your through.

Whether replacement comes now or later, we are confident that Fast Affordable is the best option in Henderson to install your Brand-New Heating and AC System.

We are going to give you the best installation of that we guarantee. When your ready for an estimate on what it will cost to replace your Heating and AC Unit, give us a call. Better yet, we could give you a price range quote right over the phone with no risk or obligation.

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Free Second Opinion on any AC Repair or Installation Quote

Your AC went out, you have called in a professional. Maybe you feel like something is just not right with what they quoted you. Maybe the cost for the repair is just way too expensive. Maybe they tried to sell you a whole new unit. Fast Affordable Air offers a FREE ESTIMATE SECOND OPINIONS. We do same day service calls and we don’t just work 9-5, Don’t you owe it to yourself to get a 2nd opinion. We also offer FREE quotes for your Heater Repair Henderson or the replacement of your AC System.

Fixed Right or Its Free Guaranteed

“If your AC repair does not result in cold air flowing from your ducts, you owe us nothing.”

Have you ever called an AC Service repair technician that gave you a quote to repair your Air Conditioner? Then installs the part only to find out that there is still something wrong with the system and it will not blow cold air. Did you pay for that repair? Chances are your probably did. At Fast Affordable Air that would not happen.

Here is the thing, when this happens it is usually because the Service Tech either did not diagnose the problem correctly or did not diagnose the problem fully. Either way we do not charge you for our errors. You only pay for the repair that gets your AC blowing cold again.

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Ducless Mini-Split installation & Repair

Ductless Mini-Split Systems, were made popular for use in garages or casitas. Well thanks to modern inverter technology, these wonderful systems are now equipped to heat and cool an entire house. Though this may not be the most affordable option. With pricing starting at $7500 for a 5-room set up they solve the problem of an imbalanced home. You can set each room to the exact temperature you want. No more over cooling one room to make another more comfortable. What these systems lack in affordability they make up for in convenience and creature comfort. If you want to see if a ductless mini split install is right for you, Give us a call today.

Henderson’s Commercial Air conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration company

  • Package Air conditioners
  • Package Heat pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Walk in coolers
  • Refrigerators

Should You Replace or Have Heater Repair in Henderson?

What is the life expectancy for the brand of Heating and AC System that you have on your Henderson house? The answer is, that probably plays less of a role than how well the unit has been maintained and how hard the unit has been used. We like to say,  “don’t give up on the old girl just yet.” That is until it does not make financial since for our customer. But how does the customer know when replacement or the Heater Repair Henderson is necessary?

The only real way to know if you must replace now rather than later is to have it inspected.  We can check the whole system out for you. Let you know what repairs you can expect in coming months and give you a reasonable time frame before replacement will be necessary based on your Heating and AC System current condition.

In short, contact a knowledgeable, upfront and honest heating and ac company to check out your system. If nothing else, it might help put your mind at ease before summer starts. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Service

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. I cannot express how important it is. Change your filters monthly. Have your system tuned up twice a year. Spend the money on the smaller repairs to prolong the life of the unit.

We charge $79 for a Tune up. Once again if you want your system to last as long as possible. Especially with the extreme temperatures in Henderson, Maintenance is key if you don’t want to have Heater Repair Henderson.

Skilled AC Repair Technicians Not a Salesman

“He said buying a new air conditioner is the only way to fix it.”

We have gone out to provide FREE 2nd opinions quite often over the past decade. We usually get called to these when some salesman comes out and says, “Hey you need to replace this unit” and the customer already had to pay $70 for that bit of bad news. We believe every Heating and AC System can be repaired no matter what. It does not always make financial since to repair sometimes but the decision to repair or replace really should be yours. Give us a call we may find the same thing that the salesman found but we will give you a quote to repair as well as replace so that you can make an educated decision.

Hard to Cool Room Specialist

We also offer solutions for inconsistent air flow and/or hot sections of your home. If you have a room in your house that just never gets a cool as the rest of the house, we can investigate and provide you options to correct this issue.

Complete Heating and Air Conditioning Installation.

Perfect AC Installation Pledge

We aim for a perfect AC Installation and Heater Repair Henderson, we take pride to ourselves on accomplishing this task every time. We thoroughly examine the equipment prior to your Heating and AC System being loaded onto the box truck. We have checked for curbing as needed. We have ordered and confirmed the appointment for the crane, acquired the permit. Every T is crossed and every I is dotted. We want your experience to be exceptional.

No Salesmen Just HVAC Technicians

How can you tell when you have a salesman or an AC Repair Technician? Well the fastest way is when you get told that you need a Heater Repair Henderson or replace your Heating and AC System in under 10 minutes after arrival. That is a salesman technique. Spend just enough time to make you think they have actually fully looked over the system then BAM slap you with the bad news all the while having a smile on their face. A Real AC Repair Technician is not going to be squeaky clean at 2 in the afternoon, he should look a little scruffy from being out in the heat and up in attic spaces (which are hotter than being outside). He will likely have calluses on his hands and maybe even a few smudges on his collar. We schedule our Technicians in 2-hour increments. Not that it takes that long to find and repair your Heating and AC System. But it could and it should definitely take way longer than 10 minutes to decide if a unit needs to be replaced.


Yes We Can Fix That Brand of AC

Fast Affordable Air has been working on all major AC Brands for more than a decade. Our Techs are fully trained and then retrained and tested annually to make sure that every brand in Henderson can be repaired by our Repair Technicians. We are so well versed and experienced that we know what is more likely to go wrong with certain brands and our Repair Technicians can go straight to those common issues which can have you back in cold air faster than the roadrunner ditching the coyote.

  • Carrier
  • Trane
  • Ruud
  • Goodman
  • Honeywell
  • Janitrol
  • Lennox
  • Payne
  • Amana
  • Bryant
  • Armstrong
  • Coleman
  • Rheem
  • York
  • Goettl
  • American Standard

Give us a call for all your Heating and Air Conditioner needs. We even replace thermostats. If you have ever had and NV Energy thermostat, you know how intense this can be. We would be happy to provide a quote right over the phone to replace your thermostat, just let us know what kind of thermostat you have currently and what kind of thermostat you are wanting to install. Then we can set an appointment to come out and switch it out for you. Remember we do same day service. For $135 we can install one of our thermostats. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

The AC Repair Technician At Your Door

Henderson can be a tough market, It is not like the good ole days when deals were done with a handshake and you could take people at their word. When our Repair Technician shows up at your door, he will have a light blue shirt on with Fast Affordable Air on it. He will be driving a VAN that also has our branding on it. It may be a little dirty but that’s because he spends all day inside of heating and air conditioning systems. Rest assured that our Repair Technicians are fully trained by the owner directly with the latest and greatest information about your brand of air conditioning system. We are going to be there to take care of all your heating and AC needs.

The Phone Diagnostic and Cost Estimate.

We would be happy to provide you with an estimate for Heater Repair Henderson or replace right over the phone when you need to compare pricing against another company. Just let us know what the repair or replacement is for (details not price) and we will be happy to assist. If you would prefer a true 2nd opinion, we can schedule one of our Repair Technician’s to come and evaluate your Heating and AC system FREE of charge.