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How does Air Conditioning Capacitor Works? What Is It Exactly?

They may not look appealing to you but one of the many parts jumbled among the wires inside your air conditioning unit holds the most important component of your entire HVAC system: the air conditioning capacitor. While everyone is given easy access to information, many household owners remain unaware of the working principles of this specific part of the air conditioner.

Did you know that the key to making your air conditioner work is the air conditioning capacitor? Without this particular part, you cannot expect your AC unit to function at its best – or simply operate at all.

So, you might be asking now: what exactly is an air conditioning capacitor? How does the air conditioner capacitor work?

Let’s Define: What is An Air Conditioning Capacitor?

An air conditioner capacitor—also called an aluminum electrolytic capacitor—is a clever device composed of two metal conductors separated by an insulating material. Because the AC unit requires a huge amount of energy to start up than what is readily made available by your home’s wiring, it provides the necessary energy needed to give the electrical jumpstart for your air conditioner to work.

Often made with the aluminum cylinder as the negative electrode (filled with liquid electrolyte) and inserted into a carved aluminum strip as the positive electrode, this builds up a charge when the electricity runs and swaps electrons between the two conductive plates placed inside. In a nutshell: this component within your outdoor condensing unit powers the motor that drives the unit by providing initial energy for it to turn the system. And with the right amount of energy, your AC unit can function properly, and you will get to enjoy the comfort that you deserve.

A Quick Warning: Important Things to Note About Your Air Conditioning Capacitor

That little cylindrical container within your AC unit may look harmless, but note that air conditioning capacitors are measured in voltage and microfarads. The higher the voltage in your capacitor, the better the electrical current moves throughout your system.

In other words, these are high-voltage devices and are totally dangerous. Lack of experience in handling AC capacitors may lead to serious injuries or death. Hence, if you’re suspecting that the aircon capacitor is no longer working the same way as before, it is highly advised to consult the most reliable, licensed, and experienced HVAC professionals in Las Vegas, Fast Affordable Air.

If you want your air conditioning unit to last longer, make sure that you always keep the AC capacitor in check through responsible usage and, of course, regular maintenance. Knowing how warm the weather can be in Las Vegas, your AC unit may be forced to work harder to ensure that your office or home environment remains conducive for living.

In case you need a trusted HVAC technician to keep your AC capacitor in check, don’t hesitate to contact Fast Affordable Air. Call us today and our highly-skilled technicians will provide you with the assistance and services that you need. We are available 24/7 to cater to your HVAC concerns. Contact us now!