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Nothing brings peace of mind like a new home heating and cooling system with our AC Installation Las Vegas. It is knowing that your home will be comfortable in the coldest days of the winter and the hottest day of the summer that makes such an expensive purchase rewarding. The extra savings on your power bill is a nice perk as well.  Having your new AC installed by a pro means it will be there when you need it for years to come. If you are ready to replace your Home Comfort System, Fast Affordable Air is here to help you with the replacement of your heating and AC Installation Las Vegas. Your air conditioning install will be done by seasoned professionals that know how to make that new equipment work perfectly.

What Size Air Conditioner Should You Be Installing?

When planning for a new AC installation in Las Vegas, it’s important to remember that the square footage of your home is just one of the many factors that go into sizing your heating and cooling system properly. Heat load is another important factor that is often overlooked, particularly in homes with low R-value insulation. In these cases, upsizing your air conditioner may be necessary to ensure that your home stays comfortable year-round.

To get the correct size air conditioner for your home, it’s best to have a Fast Affordable Air technician take a look at your home and calculate the J load. This calculation takes into account all of the factors that contribute to heat gain and loss in your home, including insulation, windows, and doors. With this information, the technician can determine the proper size air conditioner for your home, ensuring that you get the comfort you need all year long.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the square footage of your home is the only factor in determining the size of your air conditioner. Trust the experts at Fast Affordable Air to properly assess your home’s needs and provide you with the right AC installation in Las Vegas to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.

Gas Package Unit Install

In certain parts of the United States, heating and air conditioning equipment is commonly packaged on the ground and ducted under the floor. However, this setup is unlikely for homes in Southern Nevada due to their slab-on-grade foundation. As a result, most gas package units installed in Las Vegas are situated on the roof of the home, either on a stand or directly on top of the duct. Some may even have an elbow-like structure that redirects air out of the side and curls it down into the roof.

At Fast Affordable Air, we can modify and attach a new heating and air conditioning system to your existing roof-mounted unit, regardless of its type. In some cases, we can even replace your air conditioner the same day, and during the hottest parts of the year, we keep package heat and AC units in stock to allow for after-hours installation.

If your air conditioner fails and you’re ready for a new package unit, give us a call. We guarantee that our price will beat the competition. Trust Fast Affordable Air with your next package unit install.


Municipal Permits and Inspections

In accordance with Nevada State Contractors Board regulations, we obtain a building permit for every full split system or heating and cooling package system we install. It benefits you in that someone else outside the company is inspecting our work. We operate under 4 municipalities, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Clark County and City of Las Vegas. Each of these have their own building departments.

As an HVAC contractor, we have the advantage of being able to pull permits online, which makes the process both easy and convenient for you the homeowner. There is no need for excessive documentation, and when you’re ready for the inspection, simply inform us of your desired date and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re in need of AC installation in Las Vegas, give us a call today! Trust us to ensure that all necessary permits and inspections are taken care of to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

We Recommend, Sell, and Install Rheem Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

Though in the past we’ve installed many brands, we are pleased offer Rheem heating and air conditioning equipment to our customers. We feel that this might be the best brand that has ever been available in the Las Vegas Valley. What makes it so is the quality of the equipment, as well as the design and innovation that goes into their product. Additionally, Rheem has one of the most comprehensive customer warranties that you will find on any heating and cooling equipment brand. They are all about customer satisfaction and that fits right into what Fast Affordable Air stands for. From time to time, we may still end up installing another brand at a customer’s request. We believe that decision should be yours. But if you want to buy with confidence, we recommend installing Rheem heating and air conditioning equipment.

Rheem Pro Partner

As a Rheem Pro Partner you receive the additional benefit of knowing that the equipment you’re having installed on your home is done by a highly skilled and trained Rheem professional working for Fast Affordable Air. Additionally, as  Rheem Pro Partners we can offer a one year unit replacement for systems that have major component failures. Fast Affordable Air is proud to be your Rheem Pro Partner installer.

New System Failure… Only a Few Months Old, Now What?

It’s about the last thing that you would expect. You purchase a new heating and air conditioning system only to have it break down days after the installation. We have even heard stories about certain brands that have required repairs the day of the installation. If you ask me, not much value there. Some equipment is simply poorly manufactured while other equipment is damaged in transport. There’s certainly no way to account for damaged in transport but you can count on certain brands to have more problems than others. For that reason, there are a few brands of air conditioning and heating equipment that we will not install anymore. Moreover, we will only promote air conditioning brands that will stand behind their equipment with a solid replacement warranty if there is a defect of any kind. Buy with confidence. Have your next heating and air conditioning system installed by Fast Affordable Air.

New AC and Heating

If you want to get the most out of your investment, it is important to consider every aspect of installing a new AC and heating system for your home. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right company installing it and the right brand going in. You also want to make sure that you are covered in case something goes wrong. It’s an imperfect world we live in and anything can happen. When it does, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure that your install is perfect now and for the life of the system. Our lifetime quality workmanship guarantee means that your system will not fail as a result of improper installation or poor craftsmanship. If you have a problem a year from now, 10 years from now, or 20 years from now, Fast Affordable Air will stand behind our workmanship.

The Right Fit For Comfort

While many heating and air conditioning contractors in Las Vegas focus solely on heating and cooling, we at Fast Affordable Air recognize that comfort encompasses so much more. Air quality, humidity control, and efficiency are all vital components to consider. If you the customer are dissaticifed with your new purchase it rarely is the aspect of how well it cools the home. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, there are now a plethora of options available for homeowners seeking the ultimate heating and cooling, air quality, and comfort system. Whether it’s a dual fuel system or a customized combination of products, the possibilities are endless. Well maybe not endless but there sure are a bunch of them.

To make the most informed decision about your next heating and air conditioning installation, it’s best to consult with a knowledgeable Fast Affordable Air technician. With a free inspection and estimate, you can rest assured that all the facts and information will be provided to you.

How Much Should A New Heating and Air Conditioning System For My Home Cost?

Heat pumps may be the toughest system for a technician to get comfortable with diagnosing. They have a few extra parts and a few more possible problems that could leave some techs scratching their heads. That is why we spend so much more time studying, diagnosing, dismantling, and repairing these in our annual HVAC training. Each technician, new or old, must pass a rigorous test before she or he can take a service or repair call.

  • Gas package air conditioning and heating system, typically roof-mounted
  • Heat pump package air conditioning with electric heat, typically mounted on the roof
  • Split system with gas furnace and indoor evaporative coil and outdoor condensing unit
  • Split system heat pump with indoor air handler and coil and outdoor condensing unit
  • Ductless Mini Split with an outdoor condenser and an indoor individual room air handler.
  • Gas package air conditioning and heating system, typically roof-mounted

When it comes to calculating the price and what you will spend, SEER rating is the biggest factor in each of these styles of heating and air conditioning systems. To give you a baseline: most of the systems that we install are rated at 14 SEER. This is the minimum standard allowable for residential air conditioners.

Your package unit will run between $5,200 and $7,000. Your split system we’ll run between $5,300 and $7,500. Bear in mind that at different times of the year there are rebates available that bring the cost down even further. Typically, you’ll find these rebates outside of the summer months; but we have seen a few come down the pipe in June and July. The only way to know exactly what your new system will cost is to have your existing unit examined and measured by a Fast Affordable Air technician. They can give you an estimate on the spot.

From time to time there will be added expenses charged to create the perfect install for your home. All expenses will be labeled and itemized on your estimate. Approximately one in 15 heating and air conditioning installs will require something additional.

AC Replacement and Installation

Replacing your heating and air conditioning system is, in fact, a construction project. There’s going to be some dust and a little bit of noise. There may even be additional trades needed such as drywall or electrical. Largely this depends on where the equipment is located. Like any other construction project, no two installations are exactly the same. That’s why, at Fast Affordable Air, we have prepared for all scenarios, just in case. We have the components, tools, and materials needed to make every air conditioning installation perfect for your home. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that all HVAC contractors provide the same level of expertise when replacing your system. Much of the time, there are dynamics involved that make the old and new equipment unique to each other.  Unique enough that you will want to have a pro installer calling the shots. When that big box truck pulls up out front, rest assured that it has what we need to create a perfect AC Installation Las Vegas for your home.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your next heating and air conditioning installation comes with our satisfaction guarantee. We won’t stop until we get it right.

Perfect Install Pledge

Your new heating and cooling system will be installed by a seasoned and trained professional who has all the parts, tools, and materials needed to make your install Perfect.


Lifetime Quality Workmanship Guarantee

Doing it right the first time means it’ll last for many years to come. If your system fails do to the workmanship, no matter if it’s 10 or 20 years from now, we will come back and repair it for free.

Financing the Purchase of Your New AC

We have financing programs for all the heating and air conditioning equipment that we sell. Some of them are remarkably affordable. You could have a whole house heating and air conditioning unit installed complete for under $88 a month. Or take advantage of our no interest for 2 years and take your time to pay. Find out more about Fast Affordable Air’s premium financing options.

Second Chance Financing

We realize not everyone has perfect credit. But that shouldn’t stop it you from being comfortable in your home. Fast Affordable Air has secured second chance financing to help the credit challenged borrower. If you’ve been turned down before, we might still be able to get the money you need for your new system. See if Fast Affordable Air Second Chance Financing is for you

Benefits of a New System

Knowing that your heating and air conditioning will be there when you need it most might just be the biggest benefit to purchasing a new system. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a number of other benefits you will recognize as you enjoy your new heating and air conditioning system by our AC Installation Las Vegas:

  • You will receive a 10 year parts warranty from the manufacturer allowing you to save money and be free from costly AC repairs.
  • You’ll receive Fast Affordable Air’s 1 year labor warranty and 1 year Absolute Comfort Membership maintenance agreement. You can renew your ACM maintenance agreement every year and receive an additional year of labor warranty with each renewal. This will save you money on any repair that you might have for the next 10 years.
  • Your new system will run much quieter than you’re old one. The new technology allows the system to operate at several decibels lower than you’re used to. You might not even know that it’s running until you look at it.
  • Your new air conditioner will operate much more efficient than the old one did. This will save you money on utility consumption. Today’s minimum 14 SEER air conditioning systems are at least 40% more efficient than your old system from just 10 years ago. Upgrading to a 16, 18, or 20 SEER will further improve utility consumption and cost of operation.

No Salesmen Just HVAC Technicians

Chalk it up to my old fashion nature. I figure it only takes a salesman to sell something you don’t need or something you’re about to pay too much for. Never was that truer than buying a new air conditioner in then getting installed by AC Installation Las Vegas. That is why when you call Fast Affordable Air, you are going to get a skilled technician ready to repair your AC. You’ll recognize them by the smudge on their shirt and sweat on their brow. They will look you square in the eye as They hold out their leathery hand to shake yours. And if he has been helping people all day, he is going to look about 2 steps nicer than an unmade bed. When you call out Fast Affordable Air, you are getting an experienced highly trained heating and cooling repairman. When you are ready to have your AC Installation Las Vegas or a genuine conversation about whether you need a new heating and Air conditioning for your home, give Fast Affordable Air a call.

20 SEER Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Installation

The 20 SEER Prestige Series heating and air conditioning equipment offered by Rheem is a Marvel of science. Inverter technology allows for this system to operate at the exact BTUs required to keep your home comfortable. More specifically, it factors in the indoor temperature, the outdoor temperature, and the amount of airflow needed too cool and dehumidify your home. It uses exactly the amount needed. No more wasting energy on full speed operation when it’s not even 95 degrees out. The best way to describe it is: if you’re going up the hill in a car, you might need to push the accelerator closer to the floor. If you’re on a straight and level surface, you could back off the accelerator and still maintain the same speed. Inverter technology does the same thing. If your home requires 5 tons (60,000 BTUs) of cooling when it’s 110° outside, it may only require 2.317 tons of cooling when it’s 95 degrees outside. Yet, conventional systems will only run at the 5 ton capacity regardless of demand. Your inverter system will provide only the tonnage needed to effectively cool your home. Once it reaches the desired temperature, the system will back off the accelerator and run at a lower setting and maintain that temperature. This allows for a remarkable savings on energy consumption along with a level of comfort you must experience. If you’d like to learn more about inverter technology and how the 20 SEER Prestige Series Rheem air conditioning and heating system can help you with comfort and utility savings, please contact Fast Affordable Air to make an appointment with one of our certified and knowledgeable Pro Partner technicians.

Rebates and Discounts

Take advantage of our low rate financing or instant customer rebates. As a Rheem Pro Partner, we have been given exceptional pricing to offer our customers. Above that, from time to time, we have additional incentives, discounts, and instant rebates that you can take advantage of. Want to see how much more we can save you on your next heating and AC Installation Las Vegas? Call now for a free over the phone quote and free in home estimate. 

Free Estimates for Any New Heating and Air Conditioning Replacement

If you are shopping for a new heating and cooling system for your home or business, you are going to want to get a few estimates. Fortunately, most of the better HVAC contractors, including Fast Affordable Air, offer free heating and AC Installation Las Vegas estimates.  A detailed written estimate is the way to go; but we are happy to offer a price range quote right over the phone if you know the size and style of AC you need. For a rock solid, detailed, written estimate, have your system inspected by Fast Affordable Air. You will soon discover that our quality and our price will be the one to beat

AC Maintenance Service

Want to get the longest life and most efficiency out of your air conditioning unit? How about lower your utility bills? Having your AC serviced and tuned each year guarantees that a small problem doesn’t turn in to an expensive repair. If you want to make sure your system isn’t going to die on the hottest day of the summer let Fast Affordable Air Tune it up.  

Avoiding an expensive AC Repair in the middle of June, July or Aug starts with a Check Up in March or April. Get your AC Installation Las Vegas ready for the Hot Las Vegas summer ahead. 


Installing a 410a AC Condensing Unit on an R22 Evaporative Coil.

There are many AC installation contractors in Las Vegas that will not install a new r410a condenser with out replacing the indoor coil. The common reason given is the coil can not hold the pressure. If an AC technician ever says this to you, be suspicious; because that person does not know how an AC works. A straight cool r410a condenser will operate at around 140 to 185 PSI on the vaper side (evap coil side) of the system and 400 to 600 PSI on the liquid side. The liquid pressure stops at the metering device and never reaches the evap coil. .

While a new complete system will cost around $5,500 to $7,500 dollars, a condenser by itself, installed complete, could be as little as $2,500 to $3,300. That is quite a savings for a customer looking for a lesser expensive option. 

The fact that it does work does not always make it a great idea. For starters, you will not get the same efficiency as you would with a new evaporative coil. If your coil is rusted or dirty, you may struggle in the most humid days of the summer due to blocked air flow. 

In short, if your evaporative coil is in good condition and you are looking for a way to save a few bucks, it will cool your home just as well as the old R22 ac condenser you are replacing. If you want to see if your R22 coil is in good enough condition to work with a new 410a condenser, we will send one of our techs to your home to inspect it for free. They will tell you what the best option is and then give you a price for a new AC condenser only install

Why Choose Fast Affordable Air for New Heating Unit and AC Installation Las Vegas?

When you call us for an estimate, the technician that shows up will be well schooled in all things heating and air conditioning. They will be comfortable explaining in simple terms the many variables and nuances of your HVAC system. They understand the latest technology and what needs to be done to make your install perfect.

X13 Constant Torque ECM Blower Motors

The X13 motor is the latest advancement on efficiency. This motor design will balance your duct work and air flow across the coils. These motors will be the standard in just a couple years. If you want to upgrade your furnace or air handler to the X13, ask your technician for details and cost.

Complete Heating and Air Conditioning Installation.

Non-Communicating Variable Refrigerant Flow Air Conditioners

Bosch has designed the pinnacle of air conditioning condensers. It will work with any furnace and coil brand and without a communicating thermostat.  Like all variable refrigerant flow air conditioners, it is highly efficient. If you are considering a 16 SEER or 17 SEER two-stage AC, the Bosch could be a better option both in cost and in operational efficiency.

19 SEER Package Units – 5 ton

Las Vegas has thousands of package air conditioners installed on roofs but not many options in high efficiency replacement. That has changed. Bosch has designed an inverter AC and Heat pump package unit that will line right up to most conventional duct work. And because it is a true inverter, you will save much more money in electricity over the 2 stage option offered by other brands.

Dual Fuel AC systems with Both Gas and Electric Heating

There are several reasons you would consider a dual fuel air conditioning and heating system. If you are on propane, that cost can be very expensive in spite of how well they work. If you have solar on your home and sell back your net overage most of the winter nd even if neither of those apply, heat pump heating is simply a great option for mild cold days and nights like we have here in Las Vegas. If you can add to that dual fuel setup, inverter technology, you can enjoy the best of comfort and cost of operation. Want to know more about Dual Fuel? Ask your Fast Affordable Air Technician.

An Honest Look at Price In Relation to SEER Rating

Some AC brands have a wide margin between their 14 SEER and 16 SEER air conditioning equipment, even more between 14 and 18 SEER. I’ve seen in excess of $2,000 more for 16 SEER and over $3,500 for 17 SEER and over. Rheem, depending on the size, might only cost you around $300 or $500 to upgrade. But the real question is, will that save you enough money on your utility bills to justify the added cost? Yes, but only if you are not paying too much for the upgrade. Even though we are only talking about an additional SEER rating difference of two, you will save more money. That is to say, if you use this air conditioner at the same temperature settings as you’ve typically done, your 16 SEER system should perform well enough to save you money each year. You should be able to make up the cost difference between a 14 and 16 SEER install in just 2 or 3 years. If you keep your thermostat set especially high in the summer, over 78 degrees, you will recognize far more savings and justify the added expense in less time.

Q and A

Q: I have a Trane furnace and evaporative coil and my AC quit working. Do I have to install a Trane condenser with that? 

A: No. We can match a new condenser to your existing furnace size, and it will work perfectly. 

Q: I have a propane furnace on my home. Will Rheem furnaces work with Propane?

A: Sure. There are 8 options for you to consider when buying a new Rheem furnace. You may want to consider a 92% to 95% efficient model as the price per gallon of propane tends to be quite expensive. 

Q: How long will an Air Conditioner last?

A: If you take care of it, change the filters 6 to 8 times or more each year, and have it serviced each season by a pro, you should get about 20 years out of it with only a few minor repairs and component replacements. 

Q: What types of AC System do you install?

A: We have technicians on staff that are skilled in multiple styles of AC installs. We install ductless single and multi-head, Commercial 3 phase split system and package units, as well as all residential style ACs. If you are not sure what is best for your needs, we offer  free estimates for each and contrast estimates when requested. 

Q: How will I know if I should replace and when?

A: There are some that say replace after 11 years. This is complete horse feathers if you ask me. I would use the cost of repair and the reliability yard stick to help me decide. If your system has had problems in the past or you think it might, we can inspect your system, take a few electrical readings, and tell you what is good and not so good about your AC. With that information, you can decide if and when you need to replace you’re air conditioner.