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What are the Top 5 Air Conditioning Units?

Knowing how necessary air conditioning units have become in homes in Las Vegas, making the right choice when purchasing a new AC unit is truly crucial. As a homeowner, it’s always important that you look closely at the many considerations before hiring professionals to install or upgrade your HVAC system.

With so many air conditioners made available on the market, what are the things that you look into when choosing the best AC unit? Do you consider the top 5 air conditioning units of 2022 and see how they can make your home feel better without breaking the bank?

To help you navigate your way around the best air conditioning units in Las Vegas, here are the identified top 5 air conditioning units that are best suited for the climate and geography of the city.

Here are the Top 5 Air Conditioning Units of 2022

According to the US Department of Energy, AC units are one of the most common electrical appliances present in every American household. To be specific, around 75% of American homes, including those in Las Vegas, have already installed air conditioning units to provide air inside the enclosed household space by removing the unwanted heat and humidity from the indoor air.

  • American Standard

There’s a reason why American Standard remains one of the leading brands in the HVAC industry. Aside from the range of highly reliable AC units that they manufacture, these air conditioners are energy-efficient, engineered to perform even under harsh weather conditions, and come at a reasonable price.

  • Carrier

Those who prefer to have peace of mind when buying air conditioning units often opt for Carrier air conditioning units. Designed with strict quality standards, these AC units deliver high SEER efficiency (up to a 21 rating – one of the highest in the market) at incredibly low-noise levels. In addition to that, Carrier repairs are also known to be fairly affordable compared to other brands. They also offer heat pumps, gas furnaces, and other types of HVAC systems.

  • Trane

Named “America’s Most Trusted HVAC System” since 2015, Trane continues to live up to its name by delivering high-quality air conditioning units to its consumers. Trane is known to always go beyond the standards, like building AC units that cool fast and are highly digitalized (they can be linked to smartphones to adjust thermostats). As one of the most reliable brands in the market, Trane’s price range is also reasonable. Most of their products come with at least 10 years of warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Goodman

We all know that high-end brands come at a high-end price as well. Now, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet very reliable AC unit, then Goodman is a great choice. Though comparably cheaper than other brands, Goodman does compromise on the quality of its units. In fact, they offer a 10–12-year warranty on most of their models. If you want to experience comfort while living in cities that get hot during summer, then the Goodman air conditioner is surely a great option!

  • Rheem

Aside from Goodman, Rheem is also known as one of the budget-friendly alternatives to some of the big names in the HVAC industry. Totally ideal for homeowners, these air conditioning units are adept at adapting to extreme changes in the environment. When installed by highly skilled professionals, like the team of experts from Fast Affordable Air, Rheem AC units can be as durable as those that come at a higher price.

In 2022, be a smart homeowner. Also, look into the essential factors that you have to consider before making the final decision. Always remember that aside from budget, you also have to take note of the energy consumption, space needed for installation, and cooling power of the AC unit that you are planning to buy.

Be a wise consumer. If you think you are not the best person to choose the best AC unit among the top 5 presented, feel free to contact us now at Fast Affordable Air. Our team of experts will be very happy to answer all your queries.