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What to Do When Air Conditioner is Leaking Water?

The months of June, July, and August until November are totally unforgiving to Las Vegas. The extreme heat experience means that the air conditioning unit is most likely working overtime to provide comfort and ease to the people living in the city.

With such high demand for AC use, it can be expected that there would be times when it would break down. Sometimes, it would go on and off. Other times, it would make some annoying noise. But probably one of the most alarming concerns is when it starts to leak water.

For sure, you’ve been trying to make amends and find ways to solve this problem. However, there’s a possibility that the leaking water problem continues to persist. So, you may end up asking: what to do when the air conditioner is leaking water?

First, Let’s Get to Know How Water Forms in Your Air Conditioning Unit

Now, before anything else, we have to be in a common understanding that your air conditioner is not responsible for cooling the air. While you feel so, its main task is to remove the heat indoors and transfer it outside.

This is made possible via three stations. First, a filtered return vent sucks the warm air from your house or office and blows it over the evaporator coil. This heat is thereby absorbed by the cold refrigerant and get converted into a hot gas. Now that the air is cool, it is blown back to your enclosed space through the supply vents by a fan.

Second, the hot gas in the coil moves toward the compressor, where it is even more compressed to a hotter vapor. In the third station, this hot gas reaches the condenser and is discharged outdoors. From here, the refrigerant which is now a cold liquid returns to the first station to absorb warm air again. Then the cycle continues.

In this process, as the warm humid indoor air is repeatedly blown over the coil and heat is extracted, the moisture from the humid air gets collected in the evaporator coil. This then drips into the primary drain pan before sliding down to the drain line that goes outside.

That leaking water that you see in your aircon actually happens when something is stopping the normal cooling cycle of your HVAC system. If not addressed immediately, that leaking water may turn into a puddle, or in worse cases, may end up smelling like mold.

Okay, So What to Do When Air Conditioner is Leaking Water?

To avoid causing more harm to your air conditioning unit, here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Make sure that your AC unit has been properly installed.
    Upon installation, make sure that the front of your window-type air conditioner is slightly higher by one inch than the rear. Doing so can help in the proper draining of water through the cooling cycle.
  2. Keep clean your filters.
    How many times do you keep your AC units checked? From time to time, make sure to check if nothing is blocking the filters. When something is blocking the filter, chances are the block heat exchangers affect the circulation resulting in the formation of water droplets. Hence, the leaking water.
  3. Check for ice formation.
    Because of the slight decrease in temperature, there is a possibility that the cooling coil can cause your air conditioning unit to ice up, even on warm days. check your air conditioner’s cooling coil and see if there is ice starting to form. However, do note that you will be needing a professional to fix this.
  4. Have your refrigerants replaced.
    AC units are expected to deliver cool air. But when there is a problem in your unit, this may not be the case. Expert technicians believe that this could be caused by the shortage of refrigerant. You can diagnose if this is really the issue by setting up your heat pump into the lowest possible setting and then running your system for a couple of minutes. Now, when ice begins to pile up, it only means that you have to call a professional to have your AC unit repaired.
  5. Make sure that your AC unit is regularly maintained.
    When you don’t know what to do when your air conditioner is leaking water, the best thing to do is to call the expert in Las Vegas, Fast Affordable Air. You may try to experiment and see how you can remediate the problem, but in worse cases, you may end up causing damage instead of addressing the problem.

If you are no expert in the field, the best thing to do to avoid additional unwanted expenses is to have your AC unit checked regularly. Doing so will save you from purchasing counterfeit and poor-quality parts. Professional technicians will also help you better understand what’s going on with your air conditioner; thereby, helping you to better take good care of it.

For HVAC system maintenance, repair, and installation, contact Fast Affordable Air now!