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Updated NV Energy Air Conditioning Rebate program for 2024

What is the NV Energy PowerShift program? The NV Energy PowerShift program is an initiative designed to help Nevada residents improve their home’s energy efficiency. It provides substantial rebates and incentives for upgrading to high-efficiency air conditioning systems. Who is eligible for the PowerShift program? To be eligible, your home must be located within NV […]

2024 Rebates through NV Energy’s PowerShift Partnership with Fast Affordable Air

As the temperatures in Las Vegas rise, so does the use of air conditioning, which can lead to hefty energy bills. Fortunately, Fast Affordable Air, in collaboration with NV Energy’s PowerShift program, is providing residential customers with an incredible opportunity to upgrade their air conditioning systems to higher efficiency models at significantly reduced costs. This […]

Do you have solar on your home? Is your AC aging or on the fritz?

Maximize Energy Efficiency and Savings: Upgrade to a 20 SEER Dual Fuel System! Hey there, Vegas homeowners! Are you ready to embark on an energy-saving adventure while keeping your home cool and comfortable? Well, you’re in luck! Imagine capturing even more of that solar energy you’re generating and reducing your natural gas bill by a […]