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Quick History Lookback: Where Air Conditioning was Invented

It’s summertime again! While many of us are looking forward to the many activities that we can do under the heat of the sun, we can’t deny the fact that soaring temperatures and unbearable humidity have also kept us from focusing on our tasks.

That’s why to millions of people, the discovery and invention of air conditioning units have saved many lives and kept sane so many individuals. There’s something about the relief brought about by airconditioned buildings and homes that make people calm, relaxed, and at peace with what they are doing.

And with the comfort that we cherish, we have one engineer to thank, Willis Carrier. Despite the many attempts of many individuals to outsmart the weather for centuries, the mechanical AC unit did not actually come to life until it was invented in 1902 by an American engineer.

How did he end up creating the mechanical air conditioning unit? Let’s take a quick lookback at how it started.

Air Conditioner Was Not Made to Cool a Room and Reduce Humidity

You’ve read it right. The first air conditioning unit was not meant to cool a room and reduce humidity. Tasked to improve the manufacturing processes of the printing plant he was working with, Carrier thought of a remedy – a primitive cooling system that would help control the temperature, humidity, air circulation, and ventilation, and cleanse the air – that can solve the concern on the wrinkled magazine pages and ink used in printing.

Fresh from college, Carrier used the principles he learned on heating objects with steam and utilized such concepts in building the air conditioner. Getting a closer look at the model, he reversed the process by sending air through hot coils filled with cold water, increasing air moisture, and controlling the humidity along with the temperature.

Doing so lead to the invention of what we are currently enjoying today: the modern air conditioner. The AC units of today still utilize the same fundamental science as Carrier’s 1933 system. However, it has been further incorporated with technological advancements to make it energy efficient and with better vapor compression, electronic sensors, diagnostics, and controls.

Compared to the chunky materials that make up the very first air conditioning unit, advances in technology yielded what is commonly used now as the convenient window air conditioner that was introduced in the late 1930s. Since it remained a luxury at that time – only utilized in expensive hotels and cars – most people get to experience the comfort brought about by this appliance in movie theaters. At that time, Carrier came up with a different system for theaters that cost $10,000 to $50,000 at that time.

Over time, air conditioning units have become more accessible and affordable to the general public. At present, more than 90% of US homes, including that of Las Vegas, have air conditioning units. Carrier did not only fix the problem faced by the printing plant, his invention was also associated to have helped increase productivity rates all over the world, preserve historical artifacts, aid the digital computer industry, deep-mine metals like gold and silver, lengthen the life span of many people, and support many other advancements in science.

The comfort you are experiencing right now is all thanks to the man hailed as the “Father of Air Conditioning”.

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